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Alfaxan® Multidose

The latest improvement to Australia's #1 Anaesthetic Agent

The predictable results of Alfaxan now come with added protection for your patients in Alfaxan Multidose. The addition of a combination of preservatives into the formulation eliminates the potential for bacterial growth in a broached vial. This breakthrough improvement to the formulation does not affect the dosage requirements of alfaxalone, so be assured the product will produce the same results as is expected from the legacy of Alfaxan.

Jurox are happy to discuss any anaesthesia and analgesia support you may need. We provide bespoke training and offer multiple support tools to help you with your anaesthesia and analgesia needs.

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On-demand Webinars

Understanding Capnography

1 CE
This webinar will ensure a sound understanding of capnography as well as highlight many capnogram traces and the likely causes of each.

Respiratory Complications

1 CE
This webinar will focus on some common respiratory complications such as apnoea, hypercapnia and desaturation, and examine possible causes as well as multiple treatment options for each complication.

Sedation for anxious and aggressive patients

1 CE
We will review premedication and sedation drugs, combinations, and dose rates for cats and dogs, as well as discuss drug combinations to use in aggressive or difficult to handle patients.