Spray-on Sheep Blowfly Treatment

StrikeForce®-S contains dicyclanil in a unique solution. This unique formulation, developed and manufactured in Australia, provides farmers with up to 18 to 24 weeks of protection against blowfly strike, whilst having a low meat WHP of 14 days and an ESI of only 35 days.
50 g/L Dicyclanil


Short meat withholding period (14 days) and export slaughter interval (35 days) are key benefits


Field trials conducted in Australia demonstrate the high efficacy of StrikeForce-S over a 24 week period.1

The Formulation

Containing dicycanil, the most effective active for prevention of blowfly strike on sheep.



StrikeForce-S has a unique patented formulation which contains both hydrophilic (water-soluble) and lipophilic (fat-soluble) components which allow the active ingredient, dicyclanil to disperse throughout the lanolin and suint on the fleece. The low viscous solution spreads throughout the fleece, down to the skin, where the fly larvae feed. The results is a more even distribution of dicyclanil over the animal, rather than a large concentration of active remaining along the application area. Exposure of Strikeforce-S solution to the lanolin of the fleece results in rapid diffusion of the dicyclanil into the lanolin and suint, where it remains. The distribution of dicyclanil over the animal’s body means that your flock is protected from strike, including in areas such as around the shoulder, the flanks, and on the belly and pizzle.

Blowfly Lifecycle

The first stage larvae feed on the suint and lanolin which lies on the surface of the skin, and the first few millimetres of the wool fibre. It is here that they take up dicyclanil which inhibits their ability to develop into the second larval stage, breaking the life cycle, stopping the maggots causing damage to the fleece and sheep



Field trials conducted demonstrate the high efficacy of StrikeForce-S over a 18 week period.1

  • Trialled at 18 sites through Australia
  • Untreated control, StrikeForce-S, CLiK™
  • Each treatment group at each site n = 100 sheep
  • Fly presence was measured by incidence of blowfly strike in the untreated control group
  • Strikeforce-S and CLiK™ were demonstrated to be equally effective at the prevention of blow fly strike.

Rainfall Effects

The unique StrikeForce-S patented formulation, along with the natural waterproofing properties of lanolin, allows the solution’s lipophilic components to bind to the fleece, resulting in the active staying in the fleece during periods of rainfall. This means that dicyclanil stays on the sheep, protecting it from blowfly strike, for up to 18 – 24 weeks. Extensive trials in both real life and simulated rainfall testing have demonstrated high concentrations of dicyclanil in the lanolin

Concentration of StrikeForce-S in wool after rainfall.1

How to Use


Short meat withholding period (14 days) and export slaughter interval (35 days) are key benefits of the StrikeForce-S solution.

The short meat WHP and ESI mean that market options remain open, giving farmers peace of mind and an ability to supply on short notice.

StrikeForce-S can be applied to sheep with any length wool up to 3 months before shearing or fibre collection.

As a result, farmers can use the same product on all classes of stock, on any length wool with fly strike protection lasting up to 18 -24 weeks.

The Smart Choice for Lambs

Effective prevention of fly strike in lambs is crucial to ensure the productivity of both prime lamb and wool enterprises.

These young animals are the future of your flock, and often have superior genetics to older sheep. Ensuring healthy ewe lambs are available to replace older ewes can help to progress the genetics in your flock as a whole. For prime lamb enterprises, lambs are the lifeblood of the farm, and a healthy and productive lamb flock will reach market weights sooner and will improve your farm’s bottom line.

Effective prevention of fly strike in lambs is crucial to ensure the productivity of both prime lamb and wool enterprises.

Withhold Periods

StrikeForce®-S is the perfect fit for inhibiting fly strike in lambs both at marking, and as a season-long fly strike preventative applied before the fly season begins. The easy to use solution provides up to 18-24 weeks protection*, with the additional benefit of a marketleading, short withholding period of 14 days and an export slaughter interval of only 35 days. * When used for prevention of body strike and breech strike, according to label directions. Dosages for marking will provide protection for the duration of wound healing.

Marking and Mulesing

StrikeForce®-S is registered for use on lambs at marking, and can be applied directly to wounds and on the surrounding fleece. The advanced patented formulation protects mulesing and marking wounds on lambs against fly strike during the wound healing process.