Thiobarb Powder

Thiobarb Powder

Thiopentone sodium 1000 mg/g

General anaesthesia in horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, calves, dogs and cats.

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Technical Information

Active Constituent(s)

5 g Thiopentone sodium (≡ 4.6 g thiopentone )


General anaesthesia in horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, calves, dogs, and cats.


Dissolve the contents of the vial in 100 mL Water for Injection immediately before use to give a solution containing 50 mg/mL.

Dogs, cats Horses, cattle, sheep, pigs Calves
20 to 35 mg/kg bodyweight IV. 10 to 15 mg/kg bodyweight IV. 15 to 20 mg/kg bodyweight IV.

Withholding Period(s)

Meat: Do not use less than 28 days before slaughter for human consumption.
Milk: Milk collected from cows or sheep within 7 days following treatment MUST NOT BE USED for human consumption or processing, or fed to bobby calves.

Trade Advice (ESI)

This product does not have an Export Slaughter Interval (ESI) established. For advice on the ESI contact Jurox Pty Limited on 1800 023 312 before using this product.

Product Codes

Size Code
5 g 503690