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Liquid Testosterone

Sheath rot (posthitis or pizzle rot) is a disease of successful pasture management, caused by a combination of protein rich pastures and the inability of castrated sheep to effectively utilise high levels of protein resulting in increased urea (and nitrogen) in the urine. This allows bacteria to thrive, converting urea to ammonia, resulting in ulceration of the sheath.


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Technical Information

Active Constituent(s)

75 mg/ mL Testosterone enanthate


Prevention and treatment of external ulceration and sheath rot in wethers.


For Prevention For Treatment
Inject 1 mL subcutaneously high on the neck behind the ear. Inject 2 mL subcutaneously high on the neck behind the ear. Repeat every 21 days as required.

Withholding Period(s)

Meat: DO NOT USE less than 21 days of slaughter for human consumption.

Trade Advice (ESI)

Export Slaughter Interval (ESI):

This product does not have an ESI established. For advice on the ESI, contact Jurox Pty Ltd on 1800 023 312 before using this product.

Product Codes

Size Code
200mL multi-dose vial 50450