Dermal Ointment

Prednoderm is an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, healing and deodorising compound for topical treatment of infections, wounds, and lesions.

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Technical Information

Active Constituent(s)

  • 100 mg/g Cod Liver Oil
  • 20 mg/g Chlorophyll
  • 5 mg/g Neomycin sulphate
  • 2.5 mg/g Prednisolone
  • 2 mg/g Nitrofurazone


Topical bacterial and mycotic infections, acute and chronic eczema, infected wounds and burns, ulcers, post-operative dressing, irritation, oedema and greasy heel in horses.

Withholding Period(s)

NOT TO BE USED on horses producing meat for human consumption.

Product Codes

Size Code
100 g 60550
200 g 503830