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Synthetic Prostaglandin for Cattle and Horses

A luteolytic agent for clinical use and the control of the bovine and equine oestrus cycles.

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Technical Information

Active Constituent(s)

250 micrograms/mL Cloprostenol  (as the sodium salt)


Cattle: A single intramuscular dose of Juramate is likely to be effective for the following conditions: suboestrus (NDO), termination of normal but unwanted pregnancies, termination of abnormal pregnancy, chronic endometritis, induction of parturition, ovarian luteal cysts. Also for use in controlled breeding programs in dairy and beef cattle.

Horses: Juramate is of value in the following clinical situations: induction of luteolysis following early foetal death and resorption, treatment of pseudopregnancy, treatment of lactation anoestrus, barren and maiden mares, synchronisation of oestrus, nomination of the time of service.


Cattle Horses (less than or equal to 400kg bodyweight) Horses (greater than 400kg bodyweight)
Single or repeat doses of 2mL by intramuscular injection A single dose of 0.5mL to 1.0mL by intramuscular injection A single dose of 1.0mL to 2.0mL by intramuscular injection.

Withholding Period(s)

Meat: DO NOT USE less than 1 day before slaughter for human consumption
Milk: Nil

Trade Advice (ESI)

Export Slaughter Interval (ESI)

This product does not have an ESI established.  For advice on the ESI, contact Jurox Pty Ltd on 1800 023 312 before using this product.

Product Codes

Size Code
100 mL multi-dose vial 501530
10 x 20 mL multi-dose vials 500965