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Dormosedan® Gel

Dormosedan® Gel

Oromucosal Gel for Sedation and Restraint in Horses

The novel oromucosal gel formulation of Dormosedan® Gel allows for easy administration of a reliable sedative agent in horses.

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Technical Information

Active Constituent(s)

7.6 mg/mL Detomidine hydrochloride as an oromucosal gel


Dormosedan® Gel is indicated for sedation and restraint in horses, appropriate for procedures such as grooming, hoof care, rasping of teeth, passage of nasogastric tube, endoscopy of the upper airway, oesophagus or stomach, or radiography.


Approximate body weight (kg) Dose Volume (mL) Range of Doses (mg/kg)
150-199 1.00 0.051-0.038
200-149 1.25 0.047-0.038
250-299 1.50 0.046-0.038
300-349 1.75 0.044-0.038
350-399 2.00 0.043-0.038
400-449 2.25 0.043-0.038
450-499 2.50 0.042-0.038
500-549 2.75 0.042-0.038
550-600 3.00 0.041-0.038

Withholding Period(s)

NOT TO BE USED in food producing species of animals.

Product Codes

Size Code
3 mL 520375