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Allwormer Paste for Horses & Foals and Ponies

Make the whole experience easier for you and your precious horse by simply choosing the smallest horse wormer.
Each syringe contains:
  • 238 mg/g Praziquantel
  • 19 mg/g Ivermectin
Promectin Plus LV Allwormer Paste for Foals and Ponies (150 kg – 300 kg): 3.15 g
Promectin Plus LV Allwormer Paste for Horses (300 kg – 600 kg): 6.3 g

Easy to hide

Promectin PLUS LV is so small that it’s easy to hide in the palm of your hand.

Easy to administer

Promectin PLUS LV is easy to administer discreetly in the side of the mouth (between the front and back teeth, where the bit sits).

Small but powerful

Promectin PLUS LV Horse may be small, but it sure is mighty, treating horses up to 600 kg with one single dose. There is also a variant for Foals & Ponies 150 – 300 kg.

Broad-spectrum protection against worms

Australian made by Jurox

An Australian family owned company.​
Promectin Worming Guide

Simple seasonal worming

Making it easy for you to choose the right wormer, at the time you need it.